10 Most Loved Programming Languages: Rust, TypeScript, and More – Dice Insights

Which programming languages do developers love the most? That’s a question Stack Overflow asks every year in its wide-ranging developer survey. For 2020’s edition, Rust topped the list yet again.

Some 86.1 percent of surveyed developers said that Rust was a language they loved, followed by TypeScript (67.1 percent), Python (66.7 percent), Kotlin (62.9 percent), and Go (62.3 percent). “Rust promises performance, control, memory safety, and fearless concurrency—an enticing combination, especially for systems programming,” read a note accompanying the data. “It has also brought some interesting features—like affine types and hygienic macros—into the mainstream discourse.”

Meanwhile, TypeScript has surged in popularity since last year’s survey, surpassing Python, which usually dominates most programming-language rankings. “TypeScript’s surge in popularity highlights Microsoft’s change of direction and embrace of the open source movement,” the note added. “As front-end web and Node.JS codebases grow in size and complexity, adopting TypeScript’s static typing gives developers increased confidence in their code’s correctness.”

Here’s Stack Overflow’s full breakdown of the most-loved languages (which it defines as “percentage of developers who are developing with the language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it”). Developers could select more than one language, which is why the percentages add up to far more than 100 percent:

As part of its annual survey, Stack Overflow also includes a list of the “most dreaded” programming languages, inevitably topped older (and often well-used) languages, such as Objective-C, that developers really want to stop using. Here’s