3 out of 5 developers contribute to open source, new Slashdata report claims – JAXenter

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the developer community is important. It helps us see the bigger picture of where we are now, how far we’ve come, and what things will likely look like in the future.

Slashdata’s Developer Economics report examines data from over 17,000 developers from around the world. Survey respondents were asked about their favorite programming languages, their contributions to open source, rising tech trends, and more.

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JS is king, but Kotlin is on the rise

It comes as no surprise, but the JavaScript ecosystem is huge. Slashdata reports that roughly 12.2 million developers use it. (One million people more than the last estimate we saw.) JS excels in web development, the cloud, and third-party app extension ecosystems.

According to Slashdata, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin have grown the fastest in the past two years. Python’s popularity recently edged out over Java, likely in part due to the popularity of machine learning and its usage in data science.

Kotlin is once again proving itself to be a strong programming language for developing Android apps, and increasingly continues to act as a replacement language for Java. (Over the past two years, it doubled in usage.) Popular apps such as Duolingo saw success after migrating from Java to Kotlin.

Top 10 programming languages

According to Slashdata, these are the top 10 most-used coding languages and what sectors