5 Reasons Why Developers Choose Kotlin Over Java – Analytics India Magazine


Image source: Moveo Apps

In many ways, Kotlin designed by JetBrains has become the preferred language for the Android development industry. While it cannot outdo Java in terms of its popularity, many developers emphasise Kotlin will soon become the dominant platform for Android development.

When it comes to its usability, Kotlin has a bunch of tools and frameworks that work with Java. Also, its advanced compiler can check the errors both during compile time and run time. It also brings down the number of lines of code significantly. Kotlin is officially supported by Google for mobile development on Android since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017.

Here are 5 reasons why developers like Kotlin over Java and think that it will overtake the later:

1. Shorter program for the same task

Kotlin is a statically-typed language which is very easy to read and write. It has a much simpler and shorter code than Java’s code for the same problem. As this makes the language more human-readable, it becomes easy to debug. Kotlin’s code is much smaller and streamlines the programming process, in comparison to Java. This is partly because of Kotlin’s slick IDE.

2. Easy