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Android Programming In Kotlin: More Controls
Switchs And Radio Buttons

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Controls beyond the button? Here’s a basic guide in Kotlin, an extract from my published book Android Programming in Kotlin: Starting With An App.

Android Programming In Kotlin
Starting with an App

Covers Android Studio 3 and Constraint Layout.

Is now available as a print book:


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  1. Getting Started With Android Studio 3
  2. The Activity And The UI
        Extract: Activity & UI  
  3. Building The UI and a Calculator App
        Extract: A First App 
  4. Android Events
  5. Basic Controls
        Extract Basic Controls
        Extract More Controls ***NEW!
  6. Layout Containers
        Extract Layouts – LinearLayout 
  7. The ConstraintLayout 
        Extract Bias & Chains 
  8. Programming The UI
        Extract Programming the UI
        Extract Layouts and Autonaming Components
  9. Menus & The Action Bar
  10. Menus, Context & Popup
  11. Resources
        Extract Conditional Resources
  12. Beginning Bitmap Graphics
        Extract Animation
  13. Staying Alive! Lifecycle & State
        Extract  State Managment
  14. Spinners
  15. Pickers
  16. ListView And Adapters
  17. Android The Kotlin Way

If you are interested in creating custom template also see:

Custom Projects In Android Studio


In the chapter and/or the previous extract but not in this extract:

  • Basic Input Controls
  • Button Styles and Properties
  • All Attributes
  • Text Fields
  • The onEditorAction Event

We continue with our look at basic controls with the checkbox and radio button.


A CheckBox is a fairly obvious UI element. It displays a small label, controlled by the