Audioburst Launches Platform Integrating Podcast Feeds into Mobile Apps –

Audio content search and analytics startup Audioburst debuted a new platform on Wednesday for delivering podcasts to mobile apps. The Platform for Apps is the first podcast feed for mobile apps, according to Audioburst, and givers nearly real-time updates to audio content within apps, providing a new source of revenue for developers.

Customer Adaptation

The Platform for apps is designed to help app developers take advantage of that shift by integrating audio content into apps. Developers can incorporate partial or complete podcasts and radio shows into current audio players with Audioburst’s Kotlin-based API or install an audio player from scratch using an SDK created by Audioburst. Audioburst indexes a vast array of podcasts, radio, and other streaming audio, breaking it down into short “bursts” and combining them into playlists it can recommend to users based on what they’ve expressed interest in, with the feeds updated with every new piece of audio collected by the AI.

More than 100 million Americans report that they listen to podcasts on a regular basis now. The amount of audio content created and consumed has mushroomed over the last year, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Audioburst has found a shift in consumer attention away from screens with visuals and toward purely audio content. There’s been a rush of new features and access to audio content from major platforms as