Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job – InfoWorld

Despite the relentless demand for software engineering professionals before and throughout the global pandemic, entry-level and college-graduate developers still have a tough path to their first paid gig. Most job ads still mandate a certain level of experience—some that are literally unrealistic. But there are plenty of jobs out there, and there are certain skills that could help you snare one.

The most common entry-level role in the US is for React developers, according to analysis of data from the job site Indeed conducted in January 2021 by programming instructor Mark Lassof.

In fact, more than 52% of React-proficient jobs are open to entry-level developers, as opposed to Java roles, which account for only 14% of the entry-level jobs available. PHP has the next highest percentage, at 21%.

React is a JavaScript library, so you need to have the other fundamentals of front-end development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you do, though, there are plenty of opportunities to put that skill set to use in the jobs market, even if you’ve never had a programming job before.

“If you’re learning this year, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and then the React library is the way to go,” Lassof wrote. “With 29,587 open entry-level jobs, your chances of landing something are quite good, and it’s not a long haul to learn the React library if you already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

Job site Hired also found that, for developers with a year or less experience, Source…