Google Pushes for Better Android App Quality –

Google has launched a new quality section on its Android developer site and updated the Core App Quality checklist. These moves continue Google’s push for better app quality, such as improved privacy and battery life. It also reacts to device trends, like increased gesture navigation. Google promises quarterly revisions of this checklist, updates to its other checklists, and more tools and best practices.

A YouTube video accompanied the announcement on the Android Developers Blog in February 2021. Google has given public advice on Android app quality since at least 2010.

The Core App Quality checklist includes five core quality criteria. Here are the updates for Q1/2021, dated February 10, 2021. As the Internet Archive reveals, the site Core App Quality checklist received its major update on February 12, 2021, with the previous content last updated on February 4, 2021.

For the Visual Experience, Google suggests that apps use Material Design Components to get a modern look and to support the dark theme more easily. Gestures are now also a recommended part of back navigation. Notification recommendations now include the channels, priority, groups, timeouts, and advice on messaging/social apps.

The new Media area of the Functionality section states that videos should use HEVC video compression and show picture-in-picture during playback. Apps should share content with the Android Sharesheet because they have limited visibility to other installed apps by default in Android 11. And to save battery