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Overview of Kotlin and Comparison Between Kotlin and Java - XenonStack

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains. It first appeared in 2011 when JetBrains unveiled their project named “Kotlin”. Kotlin is an Open-Source Language.

Basically like Java, C and C++ – Kotlin is also “statically typed programming language”. Statically typed programming languages are those languages in which variables need not be defined before they are used. This means that static typing has to do with the explicit declaration or initialization of variables before they are employed.

As Earlier said that Java is an example of a statically typed language, similarly C and C++ are also statically typed languages.

Basically, Static typing does not mean that we have to declare all the variables first before we use them. Variables may be initialized anywhere in the program and we (developers) have to do so, to use those variables anywhere in the program when there is a need. Consider the following example –

/* Java Code */
static int num1, num2; //explicit declaration
num1 = 20; //use the variables anywhere
num2 = 30; 
/* Kotlin Code*/
val a: Int
val b: Int
a = 5
b = 10 

In addition to the classes and methods of object-oriented programming, Kotlin also supports procedural programming with the use of functions.

Like in Java, C and C++, the entry point to a Kotlin program is a function named “main”. Basically, it passed an array containing any command line arguments. Consider