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When you think about Android development, chances are one programming language immediately springs to mind and that is Java.

Ever since Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android development at Google IO in 2017, programmers who want to become Android developers are in a dilemma.

The big question in front of them is whether they should learn Kotlin or Java.

So lets see about the two languages


Java is the favorite of many developers when it comes to android app development mainly because Android itself was written in Java. Developed by Sun Microsystems (now property of Oracle), Java is an object-oriented programming language that boasts the title of the second most active language on GitHub. And no wonder — it’s been around for over 20 years, and its popularity only seems to grow.

Pros of Java :-

-Easy to learn and understand.

-Flexible — you can run it in a browser window or a virtual machine. This comes in handy when you reuse code and update software.

-A good choice for cross-platform apps.

-Android relies on Java — the Android SDK contains many standard Java libraries.

-Java has a large open-source ecosystem, partly as a result of Google’s adoption of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for Android.

-Accelerated assembly within Gradle — we’re all thankful for it when assembling large projects.

-Java apps are more compact — in comparison to Kotlin,