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Have a great idea for your mobile app development? Then it’s the right time to bring into action by searching for the right technology for your app development. And when it comes to mobile and web app development, then most of the businesses look forward to choosing the most affordable and effective option for their project development.

And one of the biggest confusion they face is when it comes to making a choice between Kotlin and Java as the programming language.

Java is one of the well-tested technologies which has been used by developers and users for a long duration of time, while Kotlin is completely new in the development market.

Also, Kotlin has gained huge popularity among users at an unprecedented rate. Google, during 2017 has declared Kotlin as the second official language for app development. Between 2019 and 2020, Kotlin has become the mainstream for Android app development.

Kotlin Vs. Java: Explore to Know Which is Best Option for Android App Development

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