Microsoft just made it a lot easier for developers to make great apps for the Surface Duo – Windows Central

Surface Duo ScreenshottoolSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft recently updated the Surface Duo emulator. The update includes several app samples that help developers create apps and experiences for the device. Developers can look at the app samples to see how they’re built and use insights to improve their own apps. In addition to updating the Surface Duo emulator, Microsoft updated the Surface Duo SDK and Surface Duo Design Kit.

The app samples are built in Kotlin and “[showcase] the development on Surface Duo in different scenarios,” according to Microsoft. The samples are all open source and can be found on Microsoft’s GitHub public repo.

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The code samples are built to show how specific elements of apps and experiences are created. Microsoft outlines the specific features and experiences showcased:

  • Drag and drop: shows how to build a layout where you can drag and drop content from other apps, mentioned in the blog, Bring your app to Surface Duo – Step 2.
  • Dual View: shows how to implement the Dual view app pattern with a mock restaurant application.
  • Hinge Angle: shows how to leverage the hinge angle with a simple drawing application, mentioned in the