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Open Source Kotlin Continues to Climb

Kotlin is continuing its “meteoric” rise in the software development world, with recent research providing new insights into its increasing popularity.

Coming from JetBrains, the creator of Kotlin, the research provides a unique perspective into its use, though the Kotlin section was but a small part of the wide-ranging, global “Developer Ecosystem Survey 2019” report that contains data garnered from nearly 7,000 developers in 17 countries.

Kotlin first appeared in 2011, and since then has gained in popularity, making it the fourth “most-loved” programming language in yet another huge developer survey, the “Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019,” as shown in this graphic:

Most Loved Programming Languages
[Click on image for larger view.] Most Loved Programming Languages (source: Stack Overflow)

Just last month, Google named Kotlin the No. 1 option for Android development, surpassing the ubiquitous Java.

Google’s developer documentation describes Kotlin thusly:

Kotlin is an open-source, statically-typed programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Kotlin provides similar syntax