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Yevgen Borysenko is a Lead Project Manager. He has extended experience in mobile development — dozens of successfully finished projects. Yevgen works at Digis, an international application development company, which has experience in mobile and web software development and design. Also, it specializes in startups, helping them to achieve success as a technical partner.

Lead: Python is considered a nice choice for the back-end. However, it is quite weak for mobile interfaces. Discover all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile development in Python and why it might be a good idea for startups.

Python is probably the most popular language now and is very appealing to many programmers because of its general-purpose nature, clear and neat code, easier programming process, and plenty of helpful libraries. In the Stack Overflow survey, Python takes the fourth place among most popular technologies, third place among the most loved by developers languages, and first place among the programming languages developers express interest in.

It seems like Python is becoming a ubiquitous language. We mostly know that Python is used in data analysis, web development, machine learning, and different processes automation. But, how about Python for mobile app development?

According to the Python developer survey, only 1% of respondents are using the programming language for mobile app development mostly.

Nevertheless, it’s not as popular in mobile development, which does not mean that if you are working with mobile apps, you