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Please welcome our weekly sponsor Pusher to Hacker Noon! Pusher makes realtime APIs that enable developers all around the world to quickly add communication and collaboration features to their apps. Their core product enables developers to easily create features like in-app notifications, activity streams, real-time dashboards, live trackers and much more.

Today we’re going to catch up with the Pusher Developer Evangelist Zan Markan, to discuss the state of Kotlin, what drives him to do what he does, and what makes a space cowboy a space cowboy.

David: Lets start with the State of Kotlin. You recently ran a Kotlin survey of (more about the nuts and bolts here). You surveyed 2,744 people from January to March 2018 to take the pulse of the ecosystem. What results defied your assumptions? What results confirmed your assumptions? And what’s the elevator pitch takeaway of what’s going on with Kotlin?