Santander scholarships 2021, what are they and how can you apply for them – Explica

If you need any kind of support to continue your studies, a good option may be those offered by Santander Scholarships. We tell you which ones are available and how you can request them, so take note and don’t leave your training aside.

The first thing you should know is that these scholarships are aimed at students of different academic levels, we tell you the requirements of each one and the deadline in which you can apply for them on the official page of Santander Scholarships.

These are the scholarships that Santander offers. Photo: Reforma 1. Santander Digital House Scholarships

The call is aimed at students who are pursuing their undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies at a public or private Mexican university with an interest in developing programming skills.

The scholarship is 100% and one of the things they will learn is programming web pages from scratch and they will learn to master the Front-end and Back-end of a website. The deadline to apply is February 17.


Students who have completed more than 50% of the academic credits. Students about to graduate from their university career or who are in the process of graduation with a maximum of two years from the end of their studies. Enrollment is done on the website: 2. Santander Estudios-Líderes en Desarrollo Funed Scholarships