Senior Engineer`s Opinion: Why Does Scala Win Against Kotlin? –
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This article is based on a story of one of our developers, ex Java now Scala developer, who decided to follow the Scala path because he found writing in Scala extremely developing and interesting.

Scala programming is definitely one of the main topics that come to mind when it comes to Scalac, the company I work at (the name itself is actually Scala + C = Scala compiler). As you can probably tell from the name of our brand, before we developed teams like Data Engineers, DevOps, UX/UI and Frontend, our company was powered by Scala experts – even now, we are one of the biggest Scala company in the world, and a Gold Lightbend Partner. 

Some time ago I started wondering; what is it about Scala that developers prefer over other languages? Why do we need Scala?  This post was originally meant to be focusing on Scala vs Kotlin comparison – so we interviewed our senior engineer (who was previously a Java engineer) just to find out, that there is a way better story to tell – about how Scala makes Developers enjoy their work again. Let me take you on a journey to discover the ultimate truth! 

On the first day, there was Java 

Java was developed in