The Death of the App Store. Why I think in 10 years all apps will… | by Tamir Shklaz | The Startup | Feb, 2021 – Medium

Why I think in 10 years all apps will be found on the web, not through the IOS or Google Play store.

Tamir Shklaz

Apple released its app store on July 10 2008. It was a revolutionary platform that enabled users to quickly and easily download their favourite apps. It created a compelling marketplace that empowered developers to reach a large audience with a push of a button and meant users enjoyed better and faster apps due to the marketplace’s competition.

However, as the years have gone on both the google and apple app store have become steeped in controversy, from censorship to most recently the debate around the monopolistic practices of Google and Apple. As a developer, it is making less and less sense to develop apps for Android and IOS. This article will discuss why I think the app store will die