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Programming is becoming more than just a career in itself; many roles across the public and private sector are demanding we know more about code and how it functions. Whether you’re considering a career change, or are sharpening your skills, here are the eleven programming languages worth knowing and how to learn them.


A scripting language designed for web development, PHP underpins much of what we see online. The Essential PHP Coding Bundle ($29,99, 94% off) lays out how back-end web development functions across four courses, including how PHP connects to Python, and how to get the most from it while using it as a springboard to learn other languages.

Ruby on Rails

One of the original web frameworks, Ruby on Rails makes developing complex webpages a relatively simple task. The five courses found in The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle ($35.99, 96% off) give you a full and informative overview of making use of it to build more effective web tools.


Much like the coffee it’s named after, you can’t go anywhere without finding Java. The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle ($35.99, 96% off) offers a useful entry point into the language, its applications, how it’s used, and how to apply it to your career.


As of 2019, Kotlin is the preferred language for Android apps, as chosen by Google.